As Many of our customers have issue with crypto currencies. Our team has decided to accept more payment methods as alternative of crytocurrencies.

Now we have decided to take nesourf an flexepin as a payment methods.

You can buy them easily online especially in

but remember Neosurf and flexepin have higher fee

so if you want to pay us 100$ you will need to send us 100$+ 20$ to cover the fee.

We take neosurf all currencies including Myneousrf account. If you have 100000$ in your neousrf account you can send the code we can take the required amount and will leave the rest for you.

for Flexepin we take all currencies except AUD currencies.

We take flexepin Euro, GBP, CAD and USD

same like Neosurf.

You will need to make and order and fill this form. if you dont have cryptocurrencies

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